Stenciled Mason Jar Tumblers

 We love to entertain outside, so why not make it fun? These are truly easy and really inexpensive to make!
You will need jars of course. I love Ball jars,
Take your favorite stencil and adhere tape it to your jar. I love using these adhesive stencils from DecoArt because they curve with the glass and are reusable.
Dab a thin layer of glass safe paint onto your stencil…just be gentle so you don’t move the stencil or get your paint under the stencil. Once you are finished dabbing your paint on, pull your stencil up while the paint is still wet. If you wait until it dries, you may pull the paint up.
That’s it! Allow time for the paint to dry, slap a cute lid on, and you have instant cuteness! No one else will have the same ones as you!

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