I was wanting to make a Halloween disco ball for this year’s festivities, but I’m no fool! That would have taken ages. I decided to go with a cheaper, easier, more time-efficient option: glitter. I’m not usually a glitter fan, but once I saw this orange/pink color combo, I had to try it out. Hung in a doorway or for a party, they add a little sparkle to the season. To really get in the mood you could add a jack-o’-lantern face to it or group them in large bunches.
Materials Needed:
paper lantern (I show a white 10″ and 12″ in this tutorial)
spray glue for glitter
drop cloth or something where you can let the glitter drop
Here goes!
Step 1. Follow the directions on the package of the paper lantern to insert the light bulb and create the globe shape.
Step 2. With your glitter can, spray the lantern in patches then immediately add a handful of glitter. Let the extra glitter drip onto your drop cloth. You can use the extras as you go along or at the end.
Step 3. Repeat, repeat repeat! The key to glitter is layers upon layers. You don’t want it to look sparse so you might have to go over it again and again.
Pro Tip: Do this in an area where you wouldn’t mind glitter remaining. Glitter has a mind of its own and will stay on whatever is near. And don’t think using a broom will help much. I learned this the hard way.

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