DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

-small pillow
-lace doilies
-embellishments (pearls, brass buttons) to sew onto the pillow
-a brooch, for the pillow’s centerpiece
-needle & thread
You can either buy a pre-made pillow, or make your own. Whatever you decide, make sure the doily will fit.
I made my pillows from fabric, instead of buying them. One of the doilies was way too big for my pillow, so I tucked the edges of into my fabric and sewed them inside my pillow to make it fit. Here it is, prior to sewing.

Center your doily on the pillow, and pin it in place. Then sew the doily onto the pillow. Try to use invisible stitches, because it’ll make the whole pillow look a lot cleaner. Make sure you sew all the edges down too!
Once the doily is fastened in place, it’s time to embellish it with buttons and pearls. I put little pearls on the four corners of my pillow; you can also use yours to accent the pattern on the doily too.
Lastly, secure the brooch to the center of the pillow. My brooch already had loops for the ribbon, so I threaded the ribbon through and then attached it as one piece to my pillow. If yours doesn’t, you can sew the ribbon to the pillow first, then use your needle and thread to secure the brooch on top of it.
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