Sunny Ribbon Sculpture Tutorial (my baby)

Ready to take a closer look at that simplest little sunny ribbon sculpture you could ever make? I think it took me about 15 minutes total to make. Now let’s do this thing!
In order to do this tutorial you will need yellow ribbon (3/8″ wide), yellow felt, a hot glue gun and hot glue, scissors, and an alligator clip.
Start by cutting your circle of felt. This won’t actually show. It is the base that you will glue all of your ribbon onto. Cut whatever size of circle you would like. I wanted mine pretty large, and, as you can see, I used my camera lens as the circle form for measurement.
Cut lengths of ribbon for your sun rays. Mine were just over an inch long. Snip a V in the ends of your sun rays. You may want to use a bit of Fray Check to seal up the ends of your sun rays.
Use dots of hot glue to secure your sun rays to your felt circle.
Now you are going to start your sun’s body. Begin by using a dot of hot glue to secure the edge of your ribbon underneath itself so that you will have a nice, neat end. Now glue the ribbon to the “top” of the sun.
Loop back and forth, hot gluing as you go, until you near the “bottom” of your sun.
At the “bottom” figure out how much ribbon length you need at the bottom and cut it off. Glue the end underneath like you did at the beginning. Secure it down at the end with hot glue. Your sun is now DONE! Easy peasy, right?!
Now all you have to do is secure an alligator clip to the back of your sun. You can cover the clip with ribbon and hot glue if you would like, as shown below. That would be fairly crucial with a smaller sun that may reveal the clip.
Voila! You are all done! If your little lady has hair then go ahead and clip that bad boy on. If not, you can do what I did and clip that sun onto a fold-over elastic headband. Of course, you can also glue it directly to the elastic, but I like to put it on a clip so that it will work as a baby headband now and a hair clip later.

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