Chopstick lampshade tutorial

- Old lampshade wires or thick wire to make your top loop
- 1 or 2 chopstick bags (50 units) depending on the size you want – I used 1 1/2 bags
- hemp twine
- Ruler, pen, hot glue & scissors
Step Uno - First you will need to start marking your chopsticks, I marked 1/2″ on the top and the bottom, do that very light on the back of the chopstick (the plain side without the center crack) but depending on how you want it to look you can do it the other way, I just really liked the pattern left when they were all together.
Step Dos - Cut 4 long pieces of hemp twine, mine were about 3 feet, but I end up cutting a long excess, but I would recommend you to have a long extra than missing so 3 feet is always save =] make a loose knot at the beginning, use the mark in the chopstick to hug it with the hemp, place a tini drop of hot glue in the back of the chopstick to secure the hemp twine to the chopstick.
Step Tres - Repeat the same process for the bottom, I found it easier to do 3 at a time. Tie 3 on the top, then do the bottom and repeat. Remember to always cross your two pieces of hemp twine in the same direction to have a clean look.
Step Cuatro - Now repeat and measure how long you will need your piece to be, I didn’t use all my chopsticks because I was happy with the size I had, if you are using an old lampshade use it as a reference and measure with it.
Step Cinco - Once you have the length you need, untie the knots you did at the beginning carefully.
Step Seis - After that start hot gluing (I would recommend you to start in the center and then go to the ends) your chopsticks to the old lampshade frame or your wire if you want to do your own structure. I did but on my next I will use an old lampshade for sure because I didn’t really like making my own when I can get the structure for a dollar or so at a thrift store.
Step Siete - Once at the end, what I did was double cross my hemp twine from my fist and last chopstick, like shown in the picture. Repeat that in the top and the bottom. for a clean look I cut and hot glued the ends on the inside.
I love the raw feel that the wood and the hemp twine have together, but I was thinking about making a different one and play with bright colors or maybe just a tint for a darker brown.

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