DIY: Holiday Wrapping Paper From Paper Doilies

•  Roll of craft paper
•  Paper doilies
•  2 colors of glitter paint (acrylic paint will work too)
•  Glitter glue
•  Small container
•  Foam brush
• Lay out craft paper on a flat surface. Cut to desired size and place a doily on top.
• Pour the first color of paint in a small container. Dip your brush in and lightly dab over the open holes of the doily, using it as a stencil.
• Peel back the doily to reveal your pattern.
• Continue to randomly place the doily on the paper and paint until most of it is covered.
• To add an accent color, grab a new doily along with your second color of paint and continue painting until you've reached your desired look.
• Add dots of glitter glue to add dimension and extra sparkle.

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