Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need:
A skirt (I picked a short fitted black one)
Flat-back acrylic jewels (I got a packet of Bead Landing
Aleene’s Jewel-It Embellishing Glue
Step 1: Layout your skirt on a flat surface and get rid of any major creases or wrinkles. Keep the front of the skirt facing up.
Step 2: Start arranging the round jewels on the skirt following the pattern shown in the picture. Begin from the top or the bottom of the skirt. You might need more/less jewel in each row depending on the size of your skirt.
Step 3: Place the square jewels around the round ones. Of course, you can switch up the pattern if you have another design in mind.
Step 4: Once you finish arranging the jewels on the skirt according to the design, pick a jewel and add a drop or two of glue on the back of the jewel.
Step 5: Let the glue sit on the jewel for a few minutes and then place it back carefully in it’s place on the skirt. Press it down slightly. To avoid gluing the front of the skirt with the back, I put a layer of magazine inside the skirt. If you prefer sewing the jewels on, they come in sew on (with holes) form as well.

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