DIY Leather Bracelets for the Jewelry Novice

I am NOT a serious jewelry maker.  In fact, big boxes of beads and findings and such kind of scare me.  So when I was tasked with a jewelry project for jewelry month here at Crafts Unleashed, I started sweating a little bit.  Good thing there are jewelry projects that even THIS novice can do!  Join me today as we dive into jewelry creation!  Today we focus on that pretty leather and bar bracelet on the right.
To start, attach the thread to the bracelet with a knot, then begin threading the barbells onto the top, alternating directions.  Loop the thread over one side of the barbell, go underneath the bracelet and then loop the other side.
The back will start to look like this with an alternating pattern:
Here is the looping process showing one side of the barbell, going underneath and then looping the second side.
Keep looping and by the end of an episode of Survivor, you are finished with your DIY leather bracelet!
To finish the ends, simply knot or secure with a tiny dab of glue.

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