Spring Decor: in two parts

With Easter passed, it’s time to de-bunny the house.  While a lot of your existing decor will still work for the next couple months, there’s a good chance a lot won’t.  It’s easy to put your bunny blinders on preparing for Easter festivities.  Now is the time to simply focus on what Spring is offering: bright colors, fresh blossoms, and lots of light. Remember how I hounded you in the past to start growing wheat grass?  Well now is a better time than any to get some fresh grass growing indoors.  It is a simple and healthy way to bring in a light and bright Spring feel.  …but that is for part two.
Speaking of Easter, have a lot of dyed eggs lying around?  Perhaps you overbought and have a fridge still stockpiled with them.  Well Easter can’t hog eggs because they are also a symbol of birth, and a symbol of Spring.  Good thing there are so many great options for using (and reusing) those Easter eggs!  Here is part one: eggshells

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