Pretty little boxes always make putting things away a little bit easier; and filling them up with collections of things can actually turn them into decor. So whip up a few of these for mom, they will be perfect for her bedroom, bathroom and even the office.

1. Spray all of the tops of the boxes in color of your choice.

2. After they have dried, find the center and drill a hole with a drill bit in the same size as the ends of your pulls. Be very careful when drilling through the plastic. You barely have to put any pressure and when it breaks through, be sure to let off so you don’t crack the plastic.

3. Use a hacksaw to cut down the end of the pull so that it is only long enough to go through the plastic and have the bolt applied to keep it in place.

4. Insert the pulls through the tops and attach bolts to secure (bolts should come w/ each pull).
1200pcs New Nail Art
800 Diamond Table Confetti
C.R. Gibson Lolita Love
Pugster Flower Decorated

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