A DIY Vintage Button Lamp Shade

Scour flea markets and garage sales for some vintage buttons,
pick up some great lamp bases and shades--I got mine at Home Goods,
and grab your glue gun!
 After much consideration and no opinion lended from Husband, I settled on the green/gold/silver buttons--most of which are patina covered, with their edges worn and rusty.
I was afraid to bring in too much color, especially since our bedding has a lot of color.
I used hot glue to adhere the buttons, and to make for a smoother side to apply the glue,
I used my metal cutters to remove any backs of the buttons that wouldn't allow them
to lay flat against the lamp shade.
Then I went to town, rotating various shades and sizes of green, gold and silver.
I am happy that I started with only one line around the base,
because that is all my collection would allow!
I was near the end of my supply

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