Adorable camera case with button [tutorial & image-heavy!]

I got a camera for Christmas
I am, however, extremely protective and paranoid so I got around to making a case right away.
First, I went to the nearest dollar store and bought an oven mitt.  I figured the thick material it was made of would be perfect to protect my camera from any falls
I cut just enough of it off to fit my camera.  Here is what was left:
Next, I took what I had in oven-mitt material and cut it into a rectangle, keeping one of the sewn-sides of the mitt intact, and hand-sewed the other 3 sides, as shown below
I roughly measured how much fabric I would need at cut it out.  I LOVED this print... I got it a longg time ago, probably at Wal-Mart.  It feels like canvas, but is (obviously) much cuter  hehe
As you can see, I folded it in half, and then sewed along 2 sides to form a bag of sorts.  Next I turned this inside out and shoved my oven-mitt thing inside.  I tucked it the remaining fabric into the mitt to make sure it fit, and then took it back out again and sewed up the edge.
Next, I quickly fashioned a flap to close the pouch I made.  You can see the shape below
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