Mini DIYs to Do in 15 Minutes or Less: Key Caps & Succulent Corks

Mini DIY projects are perfect for people who aren't gung-ho DIY but still feel the itch to make a little something from time to time. Making this painted key cap or mini succulent planter is instantly gratifying. Each project takes just 10 to 15 minutes. Seriously!
With just two coats of nailpolish, (voila!) your painted key cap is finished. Make sure to wipe the key thoroughly with window cleaner before starting to paint so that you maintain the longevity of the finished look. The more grime on the key, the more quickly the polish with chip away. Thanks to Laurel from A Bubbly Life for this DIY inspiration.
The mini succulent garden requires a couple of more supplies, but the execution is quick! You'll need a tiny succulent cutting (get one from a friend or neighbor), a bottle cork from last night's wine, a craft knife, a small magnet (cut a strip or corner of a refrigerator magnet you already own), and common household glue (try to use a low fume glue like Elmers). Hollow out the cork with the craft knife. Glue the magnet on. Plant your succulent cutting using a bit of dirt from outside, and you're done! If you're still more of a buy-it person than a try-it person, order this succulent magnet garden at Alissa Rose's shop.

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