DIY Elbow Patch

You’ll need:
a wool sweater
a 36 gauge felting needle
a piece of dense foam cut to size or needle mat
some wool roving
a 3″ heart cookie cutter
an iron
With the sweater on, place a piece of tape about half an inch below the elbow. Do the same with the opposite elbow. Remove the sweater and insert the foam block into one of the sleeves.
Align and center the bottom of the cookie cutter along the top of the tape. Pinch off a few tufts of wool roving.
Fill the cutter, spreading out the wool fibers evenly.
t the base of all felting needles are tiny, sharp burrs, which grab and interlock the wool fibers. While holding the needle vertically, repeatedly stab it into the wool roving and through the sweater. I found it easier to work around the outer perimeter of the cutter first and then work my way inwards. Important tip: To prevent breaking the needle, always keep the needle upright and never at an angle. And don’t forget to pay careful attention to your fingers while felting as the needle is extremely sharp. Honestly.
Continue stabbing away until the surface is flat and even. Fun, right?!
Remove the cutter and use the tip of the needle to reign in any stray fibers, if necessary. Don’t worry about the holes as they will be mended later.
Patch up any bare or uneven spots by adding more wool roving where needed.
Carefully peel the sweater away from the foam. Notice that the fibers have transferred through to the backside of the sweater.
To smooth and set the patch, spritz with water and press with an iron on the wool setting.
Repeat the same steps the other sleeve.
Ta da! Your heart shaped elbow patches are finished!

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